Manitoba Smith

Manitoba putting hat on

name Manitoba Smith
Alias Unknow
Gender Male
Family Mike
Relationship Has a crush on Zoey
Origin Total Drama Revenge of the island
Total Drama series
Occupation cease to exist
Powers / Skills fighting,talking

Manitoba Smith is an adventurer who debuts in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. He is a parody of the famous fictional character, Indiana Jones, and only tiggers and appears whenever Mike putting on a hat}} Manitoba Smith is Mike's second-to-last personality revealed.

Total Drama Revenge Of The IslandEdit

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to WasteEdit

as mike turn to his new persontily Manitoba Smith anne maria becomes very excited hopeing her love returned when anne Maria jump on Manitoba Smith who thinks he is Vito drop her she and zoey was angry by his sexist comments by them saying that the mine carts would be too dangerous for girls, which noticeably upsets both Zoey and Anne Maria they all got together in the mine carts but became very upset that they became separated which Manitoba hit the ground as he turn back to mike

Treasure Island Of Dr McLeanEdit

His next appearance was a brief one at the beginning of The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, when Mike puts on a fedora begins to flirt with his crush zoey. However, Cameron push zoey out of the way and quickly removes the hat, changing Mike back to his normal self. He is a parody of Indiana Jones, although his accent parodies both "Crocodile" Dundee and the late Steve Irwin.

Grand Chef AutoEdit

Manitoba lassos Mike in Grand Chef Auto and says that Mike gets in the way of his flirting.

Total Drama All StarsEdit

Heroes Vs VillainsEdit

In Heroes vs. Villains, Manitoba Smith appeared when Chris introduced Mike and his personalities.

Evil DreadEdit

In Evil Dread, Mike transformed into Manitoba after Cameron placed a hat on his head to help with the challenge. He flirted with Zoey and asked her out but she denied politley, and complimented Mike's ability to pick girls. Manitoba later spotted Scott trying to sabotage the Heroic Hamsters by hiding a puzzle piece and was hit by a booby trap which forced him back into Mike's subconscious. He warned Chester, Svetlana, and Vito that Mal was coming, scaring the other three. Mike attempted to transform into Manitoba again, but was unsuccessful.

Bold And The Booty-FulEdit

The group finds Manitoba destroying Mike's dreams in The Bold and the Booty-ful on the orders from Mal. Manitoba questions why should the personalities help Mike since only one personality can be in control of the body. He has more situational awareness than the others when he realizes that Mal's identification card is an illusion and the fact that all the personalities are stuck in a prison of Mal's design.

The Final Wreck-eningEdit

Mike and his four original personalities finally reach the tower of Mike's mind. They fight through the traps Mal has set, and find the mind reset button. Mike finds out that if the button is pushed, Chester, Svetlana, Vito, and Manitoba will disappear along with Mal. Vito, Manitoba, and Svetlana convince Mike to push the button, blowing up the tower, and defeating Mal. However, all of Mike's personalities cease to exist, their abilities being absorbed by Mike.